Hulu Review: Difficult People (Season 1)


Where to watch: Hulu exclusive series

Best for: Fans of Billy on the Street, people that have finished watching The Handmaid’s Tale and are wondering what else is on Hulu

Difficult People is a show about a gay man and his female best friend that is a bit like a grumpier, drunker, more down-to-earth version of Will and Grace. Both of the main characters are aspiring comics in New York City. There’s Billy Epstein (played by Billy Eichner) and Julie Kessler (played by Julie Klausner) who are characters that would each be rather grating in real life but can be appreciated on their own merits behind the safe comfort of your television screen (or computer screen … or tablet … or phone … you get the idea).

The show finds its humor by appealing to some of the worst things about ourselves and the people we interact with on an everyday basis in the narcissistic world that is the 21st century. Billy and Julie are like caricatured versions of the modern man and woman on their worst days- they relentlessly judge other people and then wonder why they can’t seem to hit it off with anyone, they express their extreme distaste for children and then wonder why kids don’t seem to like them, and constantly seek attention while scolding millennials for being too self-absorbed. It’s rather unfortunate that these elements of the show are relatable, but whether or not we admit it to ourselves, this is where the show achieves is humor.

Difficult People is produced by Amy Poehler and features a line of guest stars that is a bit like an Avengers-style team-up of current comedy icons. Seeing Amy Sedaris or Kate McKinnon show up on any show is always a welcome addition for me. The show is a witty and smartly-produced series that tackles some of the most annoying elements of the, ahem, difficult people in our lives in a humorous way. While the main characters are at times a bit hard to cheer for, the show never stops being an entertaining and funny addition to Hulu’s comedy lineup.

I give it: 3.75 stars (out of 5)


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