YouTube Red Review: Squad Wars


Where to watch: YouTube Red exclusive

Best for: Fans of the Try Guys from Buzzfeed

Sort of like the McDonald’s of all things viral, Buzzfeed has perfected the art of manufacturing superfluous quizzes, listicles about cats, and humorous videos that you first saw when your friend’s sister’s cousin posted them to Facebook. Their YouTube videos have been a staple of the YouTube community for the past few years, so it makes sense that the powers that be behind YouTube Red decided to give Buzzfeed a shot at making their own original series for the premium streaming service.

Squad Wars is hosted by the “Try Guys” that you might recognize from such viral classics as “The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking” and “The Try Guys Get Prostate Exams.” Each episode has them teaming up with two “squads” that usually include a trio of minor celebrities or reality stars. The two teams compete in a rather random competition that varies each episode. One episode featured stars from Rupaul’s Drag Race participating in a ranching competition against three female UFC fighters.

The winner of each competition is decided by a panel of judges that rotates with a new celebrity guest judge every episode. Their criteria for the winners seems entirely subjective and is heavily influenced by the charm of the contestants rather than their technical skill, creating what seems to be a very lifeless competition with little at stake. The show is entertaining enough to warrant a watch if you have absolutely nothing else to turn to, or if you are just really obsessed with The Try Guys or any of their respective squads.

Otherwise, the episodes feel like overstuffed YouTube videos that should have been approximately 20 minutes shorter.

I give it: 2.5 stars (out of 5)


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