Streaming News Roundup: Jul 17, 2017

Netflix Scores Big With Emmy Wins, Hulu and Amazon Get Some Love, Too

Streaming companies saw huge increases in Emmy nominations this year with Netflix getting a whopping 91 nominations, making them the year’s second most nominated network behind only HBO. Netflix received noms for shows such as the critically acclaimed Stranger Things, the Queen Elizabeth miniseries The Crown, and the documentary 13th. Hulu saw a decent bump in its number of nominations this year at 18, thanks in large part to The Handmaid’s Tale. Meanwhile, Amazon held steady from last year with 16 nominations.

[Via Variety]

Hulu Now Has Exclusive Streaming Rights to Bob’s Burgers

Take heed, all ye fans of the Fox animated series.

[Via Engadget]

Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access Has a Premiere Date

There’s a lot riding on possibility of success for Star Trek: Discovery, which could essentially make or break CBS’s future as a streaming network. Star Trek is by far one of their most iconic television properties, so I can see why it might make sense to use this as their starting point to streaming-exclusive programming. That being said, it caters to one of the most tech savvy fanbases of any franchise, which increases the potential for piracy if people want to (illegally) avoid paying the subscription fee to watch it.

I know I’ll be tuning in, at least to the premiere which will also be broadcast on CBS before it becomes available on-demand on September 24th at 8:30PM ET. Immediately after the first two episodes will be available to stream, which new episodes coming weekly every Sunday until November 5th. The second part of the 15 episode season will then resume in January.

Check out the trailer here

[Via Deadline]

HBO and Cinemax Are Now Available as Add-on Packages for Hulu Users

Hulu has previously partnered with Showtime to offer a streaming package. The pricing for HBO on Hulu is consistent with HBO Go, so this is primarily aimed at people that want to consolidate their streaming content into one place. Winter is coming, Hulu users.

[Via CNBC]


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